Currently NOT accepting new patients for therapy as our caseload is full. 

We ARE accepting new patients for referral letters for Gender Affirming Procedures ONLY! Click Schedule online to schedule an appointment. 

 NEW THERAPY CLIENTSLook at the calendar for availability. If there are no available appointments in the next two weeks, that means that Dr. Medina's schedule is full and does not have an opening at this time. Please check back in a few days.

THERAPY APPOINTMENTS (for established patients only!): Click on "Therapy Appointment" to see Dr. Medina's availability. 


  • Click on the "Mental Health Assessment" button to schedule an appointment an evaluation for a referral letter.

  • Click on "Immigration Evaluation" for an Immigration Psychological Evaluation. 

Thank you!

PACIENTES NUEVOS PARA TERAPIA: Oprima el botón "Schedule Online" para ver nuestro calendario y la disponibilidad de citas. Si no hay nada disponible en las proximas 2 semanas, significa que no hay disponibilidad en este momento.  Verifique de nuevo en un par de dias. 


PACIENTES DE TERAPIA (ya establecidos), CARTAS PARA REFERIDOS (hormonas y operación), O EVALUACION PSICOLOGICA de INMIGRACION: Oprima el botón "Schedule Online" y elija el servicio deseado para ver disponibilidad. Tenga en cuenta que "Therapy Appointment" es para pacientes que ya han visto a la Dra. Medina por lo menos 1 vez.