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Gender Affirmation Referral Letter

Acquiring a Gender Affirmation (Confirmation) Referral Letter Made Simple (for surgery or hormones).

Taking control of life can be impossible when a person doesn't feel free to be who they are. Whether someone is struggling with the role that their gender plays in life or the very gender that they present as, attending an evaluation or therapy for a gender affirmation referral letter can be a phenomenal way to take back control. Today, we are going to be discussing the role that a licensed psychologist will play in acquiring referral letters for surgery.

First and foremost, any massive concepts pertaining to health and gender should be explored in a safe and confidential setting. Dr. Diana Medina of Balanced Life Psychology believes in setting up a space that is completely open for a healthy pursuit of knowledge and support. As a positive place for support, Dr. Medina helps her clients via therapy that is existential and focused on finding the client's needs while focusing on the actual meaning in their lives.

Dr. Medina will help individuals navigate and feel empowered in their transition when obtaining a gender reassignment referral letter. This process has been built from the ground up and is designed to empower you and help you feel in control of the process. Dr. Medina's background, continued education, and membership at the World Professional Association for Transgender Health translate in compassionate and evidence-based clinical care for her clients.

Individuals looking to pursue referral letters for hormone therapy or gender affirmation surgery from Balanced Life Psychology will want to sign up for a Mental Health Assessment with the facility. Dr. Medina's mental health assessment will include three one-on-one meetings, coordination of care with a professional medical team, and finally the referral letter needed to continue in the journey of self-affirmation. 

To begin the process, prospective clients are suggested to go to the Online Scheduling page of the Balanced Life Psychology website to book an appointment online. Dr. Medina works with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna. For all other insurance and financial options, contact Balanced Life Psychology directly for additional information.

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