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& Rates


Individual Therapy

  • $295 for Intake Session (45-60 min)

  • $195 for Therapy Session (55-60 min)


  • $150 Consultation Session (50 min)

  • $75 Consultation Session (25 min)

Gender Affirmation

  • Referral letters for hormone therapy or surgery. 

  • $395 Per Assessment

  • Includes: 2-3 meetings with Dr. Medina, referral letter to medical provider and coordination of care.

Schedule Directly ONLINE!
To check if there is availability for any of our services at this time, click on the "Book" button or visit the "Schedule Online" section. 


Dr. Medina accepts AETNA, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), and United for therapy services. If you have another insurance, Dr. Medina will gladly provide a "superbill" should you decide to seek reimbursement from your health insurance. Keep in mind that some people choose not to seek reimbursement from their health insurance to ensure the highest level of privacy to their treatment. This is a personal decision and you can discuss this with Dr. Medina at the onset of treatment. 

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