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Stress Management in Phoenix

What Are the Benefits of Anger Management Treatment With Balanced Life Psychology?

Dealing with anger and excessive stress can lead to dominant and negative manifestations in life. Addressing these debilitating issues can require the assistance of a certified and licensed professional, which is what we offer at Balanced Life Psychology. Countless individuals all over the world can attest to the benefits of professional anger management treatment as well as stress management. Attacking these two issues with the help of Dr. Diana Medina of Balanced Life Psychology can be the first step down the road to better living. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of stress management in Phoenix as well as conventional anger management therapy.

Anger management treatment is all about controlling anger before it controls you. The goal of anger management is reducing both your emotional feelings and the physiological arousal that anger causes. This process involves a deep understanding of the fact that you can't get rid of or avoid the things/people that enrage you but you can control your reactions to them. With reputable anger management treatment, an individual can learn to better control and understand their emotions in a healthy and fundamentally positive way. Anger management skills are often taught to individuals who struggle with constant feelings of impatience, anger, and irritation as well as persistently negative thoughts and experiences. 


While we all experience stress and it is a normal part of life, stress can become unhealthy when it negatively disrupts your day-to-day functioning. At Balanced Life Psychology, we work with you to be able to understand how you experience stress, identify your sources of stress, learn your own stress signals, recognize how you deal with stress and find healthy ways for you to manage your stress. 

Through our services in anger management therapy as well as stress management in Arizona and 32 other states, Dr. Diana Medina can help to lead her patients toward the solutions that will dramatically alter and improve her clients' lives. Dr. Diana Medina carries a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology as well as an M.S.Ed in Counseling from Purdue University. Through her focus on the existential nature of therapy combined with a host of complementary techniques, Dr. Medina can help individuals to understand their anger process while also giving them the tools necessary to amend those issues.

Balanced Life Psychology is a telehealth practice located in Scottsdale, AZ. With online scheduling options available, now is the perfect time to schedule an initial consultation. Dr. Diana Medina and the Balanced Life Psychology team accept a variety of insurance options, so contact ahead for specifications.

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